It is by cultivated sensibility that we are able to accept what was performed and expressed as it is. The cultivated sensibility gives us active appreciation, and the active appreciation gives us the pleasure of cultivating our sensibility. I, Hakuju, was not interested in theaters before, but after seeing Sanae's "Dragged by a Cow to the Theater", I came to love theaters very much. After some time of random viewing of theaters, instead of random reading, I concluded that my favorites are Kabuki, Takarazuka Review and Shiki. There must be something that gets across from the performers to the audience, when the performers are really into their performance.

                (Picture:Wedding Ceremony at Sojo in Hong Kong)


It is not controversial to say that Shiki has become a theatrical troupe that represents Japan. The plays such as "Equus" and "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" that question what is ordinary in ordinary life and what si extaordinaly in ordinaly life. "Whose Life Is It Any Way" is a play of a series of plays that deal with stories unfolding in hospitals, and it is said to be the requisite for students who are to be medical workers such as medical doctors, and nurses.




Shiki's original musicals such as "Dream after Dream", "Uta and Enchanted Friends", and "Ri-Koran" are ambitious works to be dispatched to London and New York from Tokyo. The fact that their original musicals can be long runs in a proof that the quality of musical fans in Japan has improved. Japanese musical that is a must in the world musical scene.




The Most Famous Musicals to be seen in Japan


Japanese Cats

Japanese "Cats" are very cute and graceful. It makes "Cats" in New York look like tigers. There are many scenes where Japanese cats entertain Japanese audience with traditional Kabuki methods.

The Phantom of the opera

 It is only natural that the world of performance that is gorgeous and beautiful attracts everybody, but on the other hand, there are not a few male fans who empathize with the sorrow of the phantom in his solitary love. The argument for the defence of the phantom stands out in the musical scene that primarily assimilates itself to the subculture of younger generations.




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