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Ugly Japanese, Ugly Americans


Ugly Japanese, Ugly American is designed to give insights into the ways in which Americans and Japanese can misunderstand one another. We do not attempt to analyze cultural behavior in depth, but rather to illustrate potential pitfalls in cross-cultural interaction. The descriptions are brief and to the point. Some you may recoqnize from your own experience; others are likely future surprises.

The examples are necessarily subjective, representing the views of the authors. In fact, not all of the behavioral attributes may really be described as "ugly". Some may be strange, confusing, or merely - but all are certainly different. In addition, we do not pretend to be comprehensive; there are undoubtedly may other types of behavior which Americans or Japanese may find offensive. We welcome readers to send us further examples from their own experience.

Americans who live in Japan (or Japanese who live in America)will eventually learn much of the information contained in this page on their own. Our goal is to save culture learners time and trouble as they gradually work toward fuller intercultural accommodation. Good Luck and Ganbatte !    
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