The Heart of Japanese 

Wow ! Gaijin !


GAIJIN ! GAIJIN ! How often have I turned to answer that accusation ? To others, a derogatory yoke to be collared with. Yet to me, it's a badge of distinction to be displayed with honor. An epithet worn proudly but street and leave in your wake gaping children on the fringe of hysteria,giggling schoolgirls clasping hands to mouths in feigned embarrassment, and old-timers locked in frozen stares? Where else can you go where mistakes ar e tolerated because you are not expected to understand either the language or the society? And where else can you go and never get lost in a crowd ? I assure you, as a GAIJIN you can be something special without practice ! This page is thus dedicated to all GAIJIN and GAIJIN lovers who have never exhausted the gift of a sense of humor. They are my partners in the precious human folly I have recorded here. I'm sure you'll find yourself somehere in these page.    
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