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" The Colour of London "
- A Japanese Artist in London -

The Japanese water colourist Yoshio Markino lived in London from 1897 to 1942. The 44years he spent in London represent his most fruitful artistic period and it is for his water coloers of foggy London that he is chiefly known. Markino also wrote several books, mainly describing his experience as a Japanese living in early 20th century London. The most famous of these was A Japanese Artist in London, which is reprinted in this edotoin for the first time for over 80 years. Following the poverty and hardship described in A Japanese Artist in London, Markino was to achieve success as a painter, evidenced by his appearance in Who's Who from1928 to 1949, Yoshio Markino died in Japan in 1956.

My Arrival in England

It was December 8, 1897, when I arrived here from America, where I had been some four and a half years. I was quite young, but I was far more boyish than my own age. First Art. But I had neither money nor any Knowledge of the French language. I had only one recommendation letter to some one. Unfortunately this gentleman had left Paris previously, so I decided to come to London to night train through Dieppe and New Heaven (Haven). From the very first it seemed to me to be a New Heaven; I had such a good impression with English officers on board the Channel boats had such gentle faces; they talked to me so kindly. It was a great comfort after the desperate struggle in Paris, where I was practically dumb and deaf.    
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