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Manchurian Dream

MUSICAL RIKORAN Based on the biography "Rikoran Watashi no Hansei"
published by Shinchosha Book by Keita Asari


This musical is set in Japan, China and Manchukuo in the late 1920's to 1945. Manchukuo was a puppet country established by Japan in 1932, in the northeast of Caina. It lasted only thirteen years, until the end of World War 2.
From the preparation of its establishment to collapse, Manchukuo was connected with various schemes and olots.
On the other hand, the new country was a dreamland for some young idealistic Japanese as well as some poor Japanese. Schems, intrigues, ideals or dreams, allwere drawn into a whirlpool of war.
In such dark days, Rikoran (Li Xianglan in Chinese)was a superstar who swayed the public of both China and Japan at large.    
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